Courtney Hansen: Photos Reveal a True Beauty



An Internet search for nude photographs of Courtney Hansen will return many beautiful shots where the setting is just as beautiful as the subject.  No nude photos exist in the online collections.  A person who wants to know more about Courtney Hansen will find that she is not always dressed in the jeans and tee that are her normal attire on Spike TV.  Few automobile aficionados are able to wear a bikini in Tahiti when the show is on hiatus.  Her love for life started in childhood when she spent weekends at the family-owned racetrack where her dad won so many races.

Courtney Hansen found that she loved photos as a model during childhood.  The camera could capture her beauty.  People enjoy watching a photo shoot where she is the subject.  With a little investigation, most people figure out that her primary passion is automobiles.  As the host of Spike TV’s Powerblock TV series, she demonstrates her knowledge of cars every weekend for two hours each day.  New viewers learn a great deal from Courtney Hansen’s real knowledge about cars.  She does not have to rely on a script to engage the audience and cast members in each show.

After high school, Courtney Hansen headed for Florida where she earned a marketing degree and started her business career.  Before long, she realized that she would rather be in front of a camera.  Photo shoots and traveling the globe has made Courtney Hansen aware of the many ways her success can be used to help others.  She loves to live life to the fullest and remembers to spend time giving to others who might be less fortunate.



Courtney Hansen: Beauty Backed by Brains

A casual search for photographs of Courtney Hansen reveals a large selection of beautiful shots that have been taken in many different settings.  Although there are no nude photos online, skimpy bikini pics stand in stark contrast to the jeans and tee she wears when she hosts popular automobile shows on Spike TV.  Such versatility is rare in one package.  An adventure-filled childhood set the stage for a lifetime of fun and excitement that most people will never experience.  Courtney Hansen has a beautiful smile that draws people to her and allows her to fill a niche in the industry.


Modeling has been part of life for Courtney Hansen since she was a child.  Her beauty has always come through the lens to draw attention.  Even though heads turn at any photo shoot where she is the subject, most people know that her passion is for all things automobile.  She is known for her host roles in Spike TV’s Powerblock, which airs for two hours each Saturday and Sunday.  New viewers are amazed to find someone who is brainy and beautiful explaining what is happening on each program.

Courtney Hansen realized at a very young age that she would have to have an education.  Her college degree in Marketing has provided valuable business knowledge for her many different ventures.  Photos tell part of her story, but the person in those photos has made a difference for people through her various charitable interests.  A bikini shot is fun, but the more important parts of life include friends, family and people who might be less fortunate.  Courtney Hansen lives a fast-paced life that allows her to meet a lot of special people and enjoy every minute on and off camera.